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Fast Facts About Back Packs

Have you ever thought about backpacking through Europe? While backpacking in Europe is fun, there are also thousands of other uses for backpacks. Not convinced? Just take a look at the thousands of styles of back packs. Obviously if people weren't using packs for everything under the sun, there wouldn't be so many! Before purchasing a backpack, you should read reviews of the packs you are interested in as well as test them out yourself. Whether you are a casual user or a serious packer, you can find the pack you need and then some thanks to the variety available today. Here is just a small sampling of the many back packs available today:

  • Sports backpacks
  • Day packs
  • Alpine packs
  • Travel packs
  • Baby backpacks
  • Laptop backpacks/computer backpacks/notebook backpack
  • Picnic backpacks
  • Hiking/Camping back packs
  • Rolling back packs
  • School backpacks
  • Leather backpacks
  • Waterproof backpacks

Did you know that millions of people actually wear their pack incorrectly? Reviews of how people wear their packs shows that most do not understand how to wear a backpack. A home advisor will plan out where everything in your home fits. You should follow the same concept while packing your backpack. You have limited space and need to maximze it. You should plan out your pack beforehand as well. Most children for example, carry up to 40 pounds in their backpacks! Most should only be carrying about 15-20! Unfortunately improper use of and loading of back packs can lead to a host of health problems, including chronic back pain. How do you know if your pack is too heavy? Chances are if you are uncomfortable, you are carrying around a load that is too heavy.

Now, if you plan on back packing through Europe, chances are you'll need to load your pack a bit more heavily than someone just carrying around a few odds and ends. This is ok, provided you buy a pack that fits correctly. Make sure you look for a pack with wide and well padded straps. Many back packing packs also come with a harness and firm back pad to help reduce some of the stress associated with carrying around heavy or bulky items. Above all else, when using your pack take a break and rest periodically. This will help reduce strain and increase your comfort during the long term. Here are some other fun back pack facts to consider:

  • Every year thousands of people visit their doctor for injuries resulting from improper use of backpacks.
  • Most backpacks come with safety features including hip belts that minimize discomfort and prevent injury when used properly.
  • The lightest objects in your pack should be located at the bottom.
  • All packs should be worn on the lower half of the back to minimize the effect on posture.
  • Many injuries result from improper lifting or carrying a backpack with one strap instead of both.
  • Some backpacks are 3 feet or taller.
  • Backpacks have many different names, including rucksacks and knapsacks.
  • Packs are far better for you than suitcases or purses.
  • Packs are the best way to carry multiple objects around when used correctly!
  • More than 40 million children use back packs every year, usually for school and sports. Most of the children using packs also have parents that use packs for day to day travel.
Accessories For Your Backpack

As if the modern pack wasn't stunning by itself, there are dozens of accessories you can buy to complement your pack. Some examples include bottle holders, rain covers, cell phone cases and even wine glasses! Some accessories are more suited to specialty packs. Picnic backpacks for example usually come with an assortment of accessories that may include cloth napkins, a bottle opener, wine glasses, plates and utensils.

One of the handiest accessories for a day pack is add on pockets. These easily allow extra storage space for last minute items. You can increase or reduce the size of your pack depending on the number of pockets you add on. Just be sure you don't add too many pockets on. Remember the more you carry the heavier the load on your back. There is such a thing as packing a bag too full! Other fun accessories to consider include:

  • Blankets
  • Plastic lined pockets
  • Mini cooler
  • Mini flask
  • Mesh carrying insert

Remember, the type of accessories you need vary depending on the pack you have! Don't forget to check out discount backpacking equipment when shopping for accessories. You may find several unexpected items to add to your collection. You can even buy multiple accessories to match different styles of packs you may have at home.

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