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Hiking and Backpacking
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If you happen to be in Virginia or West Virginia, you aren’t far from a great hiking or backpacking trail or area. A couple of top spots include Assateague Island National Seashore and Great Falls Park.

For information on finding a good outdoor trail, you could try Trails.com and their free trial offer.

Wildernet is another Web resource that has a lot of info on finding a good hiking trail.

AllTrails.com has a tool that allows you to search for just the right trail to explore this weekend.

Gorp has a great list of places to go as well as tips and guides.

And if you have a favorite Virginia or West Virginia trail, hiking spot or club, let us know and we’ll pass it on to other hikers and backpackers.



Raise your hand if you would like to spend more time hiking. Okay, put your hand down. Unfortunately, almost all of us have to put in our time at work in order to afford to hike around a bit on the weekends. But if your job really blows, maybe you should do something about it. A website such as virginiaonlineschools.com can point out some education and career possibilities right here in Virginia that may interest you.

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