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Backpacking Cookware Buying Guide

By Wendi Garcia.

Foods are two things: vital for everyday living and heaven-sent pleasures.

This is why with any camping activity food can never be erased from the picture. It is just the same with backpacking. We need food to keep going and it is largely contributory to the success of a backpacking trip.

Because of the significance of food in any backpacking trip, there is the need to acquire the right kind of cookware. But this is not as easy as buying whatever pots or pans we lay our eyes upon at the camping store. Here are some guidelines in buying the right backpacking cookware :

1. Start with the basics. For a backpacking trip you will need one cooking pot that has tight-fitting lids which you can also use as plates or frying pan. You will also need a spoon, fork, sharp knife, potholder and pot scrubber. All these should fit right into your cooking pot to save space in your backpack. Remember, you only need the basics. A complete ensemble of cookware are not only impractical but will also just slow you down.

2. Know the different kinds of cookware. This is important to know which material you'll find most suitable for backpacking trip. Basically, you have three choices: aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. To make your selection easier, here are their pros and cons:

3.Aluminum. Cookware made of this are heavy-duty, lightweight and inexpensive. This make it sounds like it's the best choice but you should know that food tend to stick on it, making it a little more difficult to clean than other cookware.

Aside from that some studies found that aluminum can seep into food and can be linked to health problems like Alzheimer's disease. However, there is little of that chance since you're only going to use it only a few times a year.

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel pots are durable and less likely to have scratches than aluminum cookware. Cleaning is also easier. However, these are heavier, and are not that good in distributing heat evenly. If you choose this, you should constantly stir food to cook it evenly.
  • Titanium. Titanium cookware are often referred to as the best choice for backpacking cookware because they are much lighter, very tough and easy to clean. And when compared to stainless steel, it does a better job in cooking food evenly. The only downside? It is the most expensive among the three kinds of cookware.

3. Set a budget but don't prioritize price over quality.

4. Solicit advice from veteran backpackers and do your own research.

5. Look into these helpful hints when buying your cookware:

  • Cookware specifically designed for backpacking are much more efficient than ordinary cookware.
  • Pots with detachable handles are easier to pack.
  • Pots that have slightly rounded bottoms are able to distribute heat more efficiently than those with flat bottoms.
  • A snug fitting lid will cut down your cooking time and save fuel.

With the wide selection of cookware, shopping can be a little overwhelming and thus, entails conscious effort to make sure you end up with high quality cookware.

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