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Hiking Backpacks
Backpacks are made for many different outdoor activities. They can be specifically designed for short day trips, long camping trips, skiing, cycling, or mountaineering.

They can be made with an internal or external frame, made to maximize carrying capacity or minimize weight, and be designed to either stay close to or away from the back. When camping and hiking be sure to be environmentally conscience. Always bring out what you bring in to the wilderness. Green cleaning products can be used for daily washing and maintaining of your gear if needed.

The following companies all make packs for various outdoor pursuits, including hiking.

Backpack Manufacturers:

ALPS Mountaineering
Performance oriented backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and travel gear.

Lots of backpacks, climbing harnesses and outerwear.

Black Diamond
Makes packs, rock climbing accessories, clothing, shelter, alpine and backcountry ski gear. Source of good articles too.

Hydration systems for backpacking, biking and winter sports.

Camp Trails
Makes a variety of backpacks.

Dana Design
Big selection of packs and tents.

Dakine Packs
Makes day, surf and snowboard packs.

Eagle Creek
Makes backpacks, luggage, gear and duffle bags.

A broad assortment of packs and accessories for kids on the go.

Maker of family, camping and commercial tents.

Granite Gear
Backpacks, packing systems and winter mitts, gloves and hats.

Big selection of backpacks.

Backpacks for hiking, backpacking, school, and travel luggage.

Day packs, internal and external frame backpacks, tents, apparel and sleeping bags.

Lowe Alpine
Internal frame/technical packs, sports and belt packs, wilderness travel/campus packs, and snow sport packs.

Backpacks, snowboard and ski gear.

Mountain Tools
Climbing gear including climbing packs, rock and alpine tools, camping equipment and outerwear.

Osprey Packs
Makes a big variety of packs.

Outdoor Products
Makes packs, duffles and camping bags.

Russi Mountain Works
Manufactures and sells sport specific, high end technical packs.

Serratus Mountain Products
Internal frame packs, cycle bags and PFDs.

VauDe Sports
Backpacks, sport packs, kids packs, cycling packs, backpacking and mountaineering tents. They also have retail stores.

Lightweight Backpacking —
We have seen how lightweight backpacking has gained popularity over the recent years, how more and more traditional backpackers are getting rid of their forty-pound packs . . . read more

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