Hiking and Backpacking Gear Buying Advice and products

Outdoor Gear Buying Advice

There is such a great variety of outdoor gear available, it can be a challenge to determine exactly what you need and what you don’t need. Furthermore, each product category (e.g., backpacks, tents, etc.) also offers such a big selection of models and features that it can become confusing and difficult to choose what the best item is for your needs.

Fortunately, advice from hiking professionals and from the articles below can help:

Buying a Backpack from the fine folks at Gorp.
Choosing and Loading Your Backpack from LL Bean.
Fast facts about back packs interesting tidbits about packs.

What to look for in a three-season tent from GORP.
Selecting a Winter-Worthy Tent from GORP.

Hiking Boots
Boot Basics from GORP.
Tips on choosing hiking boots from LL Bean.

Buying Technical Outerwear from GORP.
How to Pick Rain Gear from Backpacker.com.
Advice on buying rain gear from GORP.

Other Camping Gear
Buying a Camp Stove from GORP.
Plastic Bottles Wholesale - Use small, recyclable plastic bottles to carry your toiletries and food condiments on your hike. Using plastic containers will keep your items dry and safe while on your hike.

Gear Review Pages

The following pages all have reviews of specific backpacks, tents, hiking boots and shoes, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear:

Gear Review
Lightweight Backpacker
Outdoor Review

Outdoor Gear

Many of the older outdoor shops also offer some good tips on selecting outdoor gear.

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