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You don't have to be a wilderness survival expert to go off tramping in the woods, but a person needs to have a sound grounding in the basics of the outdoors. It's the hiker's or backpacker's responsibility to obtain the necessary knowledge, preparation and equipment to ensure a safe hike.

Joining a group or club can be a great way to get some of the knowledge and training. Also, the following articles cover some of the basics every hiker should know:

L.L. Bean has plenty of tips for making your hike great.

Painless Packing from GORP.

Backpacking Light offers feature articles, editorials, in-depth how-to articles, and comprehensive reviews of lightweight equipment.

Blue Buffalo - Featuring all natural pet food for your dog. If you take your pets hiking, Blue Buffalo is a great food option to keep them active.

What Equipment to Bring Along

L.L. Bean has some advice on what gear you need, what to bring with you and what to leave at home when day hiking and backpacking.

The Ten Essentials you must bring with you from GORP.

You Backpack Packling List of what you should bring with you from GORP.

Bring a picnic basket backpack on your next outdoor experience. You can find many different styles, as well as a wide variety of unique designs.

Outdoor Tips

REI alsos offers plenty of helpful outdoor tips concerning hiking, backpacking, camping and equipment selection.

Hiking and backpacking clothes and more

Raise your hand if you would like to spend more time hiking. Okay, put your hand down. Unfortunately, almost all of us have to put in our time at work in order to afford to hike around a bit on the weekends. But if your job really blows, maybe you should do something about it. A website such as http://cookingschoolsreview.com can point out some culinary arts education and career possibilities that may interest you.

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