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Buying or selling used gear? Buying equipment that is suitably broken-in can be a great alternative to buying new. Hiking equipment and backpacks are often used once or twice and then put up for sale. There are several places on the Web for buying and selling used outdoor equipment. The following list contains many of the best sites. Some sites list only used gear, while others are auction sites that list used and new. We recommend that you start with the more well-known sites (such as eBay) and use reasonable caution when dealing with unknown sellers.

If you are looking for climbing equipment, however, we recommend that you opt for new gear rather than used gear. I would want to know the complete history of any piece of climbing gear I’m using. I don’t want my climb compromised by a piece of equipment that has been unduly stressed, dropped, or mishandled. We recommend that for critical pieces of equipment, new is better.

Lists thousands and thousands of outdoor items. A great place to find a great deal. By far the best site on this list.

See Hiking Listings at eBay
ebay for used hiking gear

Geartrade specializes in used outdoor gear to buy, sell or trade.

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Canadian retailer offers used outdoor gear for all manner of wilderness oriented activities. Look on their "GearSwap" page.

Used Outdoor Gear

The biggest place to get used gear is still eBay. They have such a wide offering of constantly changing items.


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